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13 - Apr - 2015

Hypnotherapy in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire / Hypnotherapy Training Courses

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Nottingham / Quit Smoking Derby

Quit Smoking

Are you in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby or Derbyshire ?

Can you afford to stop smoking with Hypnotherapy...?

Can you really afford notto stop ?

Everyone is aware of all the good reasons to quit smoking... not only for long-term health and to feel fitter and more vibrant :-

Of course there are many other important benefits waiting for you...

Make a saving of around £2,000 per year
(for an average smoker of 20 cigarettes per day)

That is just for one year - An average smoker spends based upon current average cost of cigarettes the following over:-

  • 2 years - £ 3,600
  • 5 years - £ 9,000
  • 10 years - £18,000
  • 15 years - £27,000
  • 20 years - £36,000

In an average lifetime (years spent smoking 60 years) a smoker can spend around £108,000 !!!

And...the above figures do not show what amounts could possibly have been accumulated in a high interest account for example. Which would more than likely be far greater.

Do you really want to continue burning your money? Particularly in this current economic climate.

Are you ready to try something else?

  • No more off-putting stale tobacco smells
  • Increased sense of your own taste and smell
  • Increased attractiveness
  • Healthier skin

If you want to stop smoking - Hypnotherapy can help you quit for good.

By incorporating details about you and your smoking habits, your 'stop smoking' course is tailor-made and special strategies are implemented to support you through the changes towards your goal.

Hypnotherapy helps break up the inner programming that smoking is associated with like driving in the car, after meals, talking on the phone, during break times etc., in fact so many activities and times of the day.

We also give a powerful reminder to the subconscious mind of all the many positive reasons for becoming a non- smoker - such as creating a healthier lifestyle.

Now you have quit, the old attachment to cigarettes just won't be there with the same intensity. We also focus on whatever blocks you from completely letting go of cigarettes so that you quit - for good!

With Hypnotherapy, you experience major changes as the power cigarettes have over you diminishes - making it possible to break through the smoking habit and become a non-smoker.

You will also receive a specialised 'stop smoking' CD recording to use to reinforce and maintain your decision to remain a non-smoker.

You will also receive a bound and printed aftercare booklet

Many people have stopped smoking or good in as little as one session!

The goal is to quit smoking in one session. However, there is the option for a completely free additional session - should you need it.

Available for clients in Derby/Derbyshire, Nottingham/Nottinghamshire.

The stop smoking course is just £125.00
(roughly equivalent to the cost of 2-3 weeks of smoking cigarettes).

Quit smoking for good!

Please take a look at feedback from my clients

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